Three million hearts, awake and dreaming.


  • In the war against hope, dreams are our weapons

    In the war against hope, dreams are our weapons

    Imagination is so powerful that it could set forth 400,500 years of something wrong, which means that it very well could set forth 400, 500 years of something right. That’s sort of the beauty of humanity. –Jason Reynolds
    There is always a war somewhere against hope. During times in our lives when we feel alone, discouraged, hopeless–dreams are anchors, keeping us rooted in the ​realer reals. ​ When everything feels, looks, ​is​ wrong, dreams can lead us back to what is good, right, and true.
    Dreams are not the fluffy, frivolous stuff of the imagination, or a waste of time. No, those aren’t the dreams we are talking about, those are not the dreams and dreamers we are giving our lives to.
    Imagination, dreaming…it’s dangerous, vital work. Yes, it’s free to dream–but pursuing a dream with your whole heart might cost you everything. But you can’t afford to not go for it.
    Our stories, our lives, our history is birthed from (someone’s) imagination. That’s pretty powerful stuff.
    Use yours.