Three million hearts, awake and dreaming.


  • Powerful dreaming is not wishful thinking

    Powerful dreaming is not wishful thinking

    There IS a difference between ​wishful thinking​ and ​powerful dreaming​ — there is a dream deep inside each one of us that longs for expression. We can go our whole lives ignoring it, silencing its voice, pushing it deeper and deeper inside of us, wishing it would just go away.
    Maybe we have good reasons to hide it –we are too scared, we are waiting for permission, approval we never get, a “sign” that we or our dream are real, good, or right. Maybe we’ve tried and failed, been discouraged and disillusioned.
    Maybe we think we don’t actually have a dream. But what if it’s just waiting for an invitation to reveal itself?
    Powerful dreaming​ is a journey, to discover what’s on our hearts. It’s worth it. You’re worth it.
    We invite you to share your dream with us. Even if it’s “I don’t know YET.”