Three million hearts, awake and dreaming.

About the Community Dream Assessment

City of the Big Shoulders…and BIGGER DREAMS!

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Since 2012, Dream Chicago has been on a mission to help others find a voice and expression for the dreams on their hearts, and then pursue them with courage and hope. We have connected with dreamers on the streets, in schools, studios, parks, places of worship, and many other diverse spaces and places in the 77+ communities of Chicago and its suburbs.  

We have collected thousands of dreams, and been inspired by the collective hope and heart we discover every time we hear our three favorite words:  ”My dream is…”

We are doing our best to represent Chicago and its many voices, millions of beating hearts, and BIG DREAMS.  


There is power in the spoken word, the dream declared.

Something shifts internally and externally when we use our voice and speak, share, declare our dream. We’ve watched it happen time and time again…when someone bravely steps to a mic, a stage, the front of a room, or simply stands up at their desk or opens their mouth to speak from their seat and gives voice to what is on their hearts. Maybe for the first time ever. Something mysterious and magical happens. Hearts are inspired, resources align, creativity ignites. Try it!