Three million hearts, awake and dreaming.

Live Art Experiment Artist Bios

Natalie Johnson
Co-host, Facilitator, Painter

“Community is an essential part of my mixed media art form.”
Follow me on Instagram @nataliem70johnson

Maui Jones
Co-host, Facilitator, Spoken Word Artist

“Community is my art form.”

Jay Fancher
Painter, Drummer, Singer, Skater, Builder, Crafter of all things

Follow me on Instagram @meaniebabyfancher

John Fancher
Poet, Songwriter, Prophet

Find me on Spotify at Johnny and the Beloveds 

Heather TreadwayHeather Treadway
Writer, Poet, Spoken Word Artist

“My heart is teaching me how to write towards what something makes me feel. before I know what it means.”
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Rebekah Kuczma

“Art is movement and movement is healing.”
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Christiana Guerrero-Malacara

“Artwork means more than a painting, it’s a way of giving back in a creative form.”
Follow my painting business on Facebook @MICreationCo and Instagram @mi_creation_co

Johnson Simon

“My Art is My Movement.”
Facebook and Instagram @artbyjohnsonsimon

Jes Howard

“Our bodies are the paint on the canvas; the vessel.”
Follow me on Instagram @rawbeauty9

Suri Wong
Singer, Songwriter, Pianist 

“I see you in me.”
Facebook and Instagram @surimusings

Destiny Harris
Poet, Organizer

“Art is my liberation and my organizing power.”
Follow me on Instagram @whole.hearted.hoodlum and my art Instagram @dipsandcoils

Jermaine “Jayy Jayy” Wright

“…Incorporating dance into the movement towards black liberation.”
Follow me on Instagram @jayytheofficial

Lotus Lindez

“Visual Art. Song. Theatre. Dance. Every medium is an opportunity. And I don’t like to miss opportunities.”
Follow me on Instagram @blooming.with.lotus

Kaptain Woodae

“…Determined to claim the world and the lives of Chicago’s youth and young adults by rewriting the definition of what exactly is an “individual.”
Follow me on Instagram @WombRaid3r_ & @LumberJackPak

Daryl Satcher
Poet, Wellness Specialist, Founder of A Leading Man

“…Created A Leading Man to enlighten and empower young people to become the director of film in their heads.” 

Tyler Thompson

“Tyler’s choreography explores the many facets of life through the lens of a Black, Chicagoan, woman.” 

Dr.  Orson Morrison
Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Co-owner of LifeSpan Counseling & Psychological Services LLP, Director of the DePaul University Family and Community Services

“Dr. Morrison’s professional interests and areas of expertise include psychotherapy with children, adolescents, adults and families, psychological assessment, contemplative practices, culture and identity, and working within a decolonizing/social justice/empowerment framework.” 

Jahari Thompson

“I aspire to be a pillar of light and inspiration to others, that they may realize the potential of all humans through one’s example.”
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