Three million hearts, awake and dreaming.


  • Keep your head in the clouds. (It might save someone’s life.)

    Keep your head in the clouds.  (It might save someone’s life.)

    Wait a minute.
    Can you say that again?
    She had never thought of it that way.
    She had been told since she was five that her dream was “​too big, too impossible, too selfish.​ ” That she didn’t “​have time for foolishness, she needed to be real, and just get her head out of the clouds​ .”
    She had heard this from family, from friends, from teachers…many were well-meaning, believing they were protecting her from discouragement and disappointment. They knew her, and believed they could steer her towards the path that would make her truly happy. So many outside voices she admired and loved had clear ideas of what she should and should not be doing with her life.
    Sometimes she questioned her own heart, her own motives.
    But now a group of strangers (us) was telling her she was born for the impossible, that she clearly had something bigger than (what she or others believed about) herself trying to break free. The signs were EVERYWHERE, and we barely knew her.
    You mean, it might be selfish to NOT pursue my dream? she asked.
    She locked eyes with me as she made her way out of the room.
    She slapped a dream bubble sticker on her chest and said resolutely, “You’ll see me again, yes, you will​ . ​I’m gonna go for it. Keep my head in the clouds…maybe I’ll even save somebody’s life…”
    I believe her.