Three million hearts, awake and dreaming.

Imogene’s Imaginings

Imogene's Imaginings

There’s mystery, a magic,
she’s destined to bring.
When you meet her, you feel it,
though you might not yet see,
the how or the why or the way it will be…

Imogene’s Imaginings is a story that aims to connect with readers of all ages through words, images, and forms that speak to the mind and heart.  Whether you dream daily or think you’ve forgotten how, Imogene has something for you!


Heather Treadway is a lover of words in all forms, a storyteller who loves to engage and give voice to her heart through poetry, prose, music and melody.  Imogene’s Imaginings is her dream, her idea, her desire set in motion.  Her hankering, her hunger, her crazy-wild notion…it is also her first printed book, made possible through the friendship, artistry, and creative partnership of fellow artists Rebekah Kuczma and Natalie Johnson.  

Rebekah Kuczma is a mover at heart and loves to create visual art by dancing the pen across the page. Her work is meditative and leaves room for imagination and reflection. Imogene’s Imaginings is Rebekah’s first illustrative collaboration.  

Natalie Johnson is a visual artist with a playful heart. She is fueled by creating with others and honored to be able to collaborate with her talented friends, Heather and Rebekah. Imogene inspires Natalie to follow her truth and own her perfect imperfections.


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